In the Fall of 2014 I engaged Savannah (whom I had recently befriended) to design and build a customized  reproduction of my beloved black leather blazer, which was beginning to break down due to age and wear. In return, I designed and built a custom neon sign for the AtelierSavas showroom. Savannah delivered the finished jacket to my studio during SouthBySouthwest in March 2015, literally as I was about to step on stage with a guitar. I slipped into the jacket en route and felt immediately empowered. The fit, the cut, the supple quality of the leather, all contributed to this effect; and then there was the crimson silk lining with the embroidered symbols and hidden pockets, all unseen by the audience. Because of all of these attributes, we named it "The Magician's Jacket", and it has done frequent duty ever since, to the point of having it's own battle scars and stains. 

I cannot, at this point, imagine my life without it. It has been my tuxedo when I needed such, and then again my blanket. It has held me up when I was weary, and stood alone when I was gone. 

-E.V. ; Austin, TX

"You have made my dreams come beyond true. I love my jacket so much!! I can't believe the detailing on the tree, it's exquisite. I already feel like I could live in it, the leather is so soft. The best part is that it fits me so perfectly I couldn't have asked for a better fitting piece!! 

Your talent is so inspiring, and I'm really amazed at how you are able to turn leather into something so beautiful. 

I can't thank you enough for this!"

-J.J. ; Chicago, IL

"This feels like a Bugatti for my body."

-B.D. ; Birmingham, AL

"Just wanted you to know that I love the summer suede top.  The color is fabulous and it feels great on.  Only problem now is there are too many ways to wear it—not really a problem!"
-C.D. ; Chapel Hill, NC

"Thank you so much for the amazing jacket you all created. Keep working hard, stay humble, and remain the master craftsmen you are. Your product is the best in the world!"

-D.F. Philadelphia, PA

"What a gorgeous coat! I can't wait for colder weather. Thanks so much for your beautiful work!"

-A.C. ; Nashville, TN

"I love the 2 jackets Savannah made for me. I only wish they had a higher rating than 5 stars!"

-S.B. ; Miami, FL

"I love the jacket so much! Thank you! As often as I can I will tell everyone about you."

-S.S. ; Los Angeles, CA

"Ahhhhh-it’s incredible!!!!! Fits perfectly, feels amazing, looks beautiful inside and out!!!!"

-S.B. ; Dover, MA

"Just want to let you know how much I am loving my jacket!!!  I wear it absolutely every day!!  It has been great through the winter even with our extreme temperatures this year!!"

-P.P. ; Kingston, ON Canada