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The Journey to Bespoke

A bespoke piece is without parallel. It's yours, completely and deeply, a work of leather craft and artistry that is part-talisman and found power object, a songful blend of leather, story and your unique style.

"I cannot, at this point, imagine my life without it.  It has been my tuxedo when I needed such, and then again my blanket.  It has held me up when I was weary, and stood alone when I was gone."—E. Voyles

and so it begins...

We believe leather is a medium for soul-work and magic, and it’s how we bring beauty and meaning to people’s lives. We embark on an experience together to bring out the inner power that you hold within.

Our process in working with you is singular, artful, and an antidote to factory-made items. We’re workshop-crafted, meaning each piece is touched by a total of 8 hands. It usually takes about 3-4 months depending on your availability for fittings.

"Bespoke is where we all get to have fun together, creating that thing that you never knew you needed, and now can’t live without." — Savannah

The poetry of your body, our craft

The fuel of all we do is organic collaboration. What goes into each piece, each jacket, each boot is a world within a world, a story of inspiration, trial and error, growth and evolution, and yes — blood, sweat, some eff bombs, and lots of laughter. 

When working within our bespoke process, we create a canvas fitting garment, and this is used as the base for fit and where we work through details and unique parts of the jacket. 

Our workshop is made up of 6 artisans, all with unique and individual skillsets. The cutter is the leader of the room, where he determines the best use of materials, evaluating every hide, grain, color and texture to ensure the jacket wraps around your body just-so.

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