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Your Last Leather

there's leather. Then there's Savas.

Singular leather jackets, boots and accessories from the finest hides and furs in the world.

the new talismans


Bespoke is how we began. It's both the prevailing spirit of Savas (craft, uniqueness and alchemy) and our North Star. We embark on an experience together to bring out the inner power that you hold within.

The Legend Boot

In Cheetah

Savas, unfiltered

Someone had the wonderful audacity to ask founder Savannah Yarborough: what the f*ck do you really want?

This benevolent confrontation was the question that changed everything. Savas was born out of passion and vision, grit and daring, and a desire to bring artistry to the world of bespoke leather.

“I am full of strange feelings, reliving and refashioning many old things…”

— The SubterraneansJack Kerouac

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