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I cannot, at this point, imagine my life without it.  It has been my tuxedo when I needed such, and then again my blanket. It has held me up when I was weary, and stood alone when I was gone

— E. Voyles, Austin, TX

Los Angeles Store and Bespoke Lounge

Open Now on Melrose Avenue

Refined and meticulously detailed gifts to celebrate family, friendship, and long-lasting bonds

Savannah Yarborough set out to change the conversation about leather jackets.

SAVAS was born out of passion and vision, grit and daring, and a desire to bring artistry to the world of bespoke leather. It has since evolved into the go-to house for expertly crafted leather and suede outerwear and footwear.


Bespoke is how we began. It's both the prevailing spirit of Savas (craft, uniqueness and alchemy) and our North Star. We embark on an experience together to bring out the inner power that you hold within.

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