Each Savas piece comes only by custom order and requires three personal fitting appointments before completion. Yarborough performs the work as an alchemist, selecting the hides and colors from her treasure chests that best suit each client, whether he’s dipping into a gold dust sunset, riding a dark lost highway, or wandering through a Moroccan blue souk.

Collaboration on such bespoke pieces is essential—the work must breathe with the soul. Hidden pockets to hold ancient totems, metals placed like Arabian armor, and soft embroidery sewn like Persian tapestry set the edge. But it’s the cut of the sleeve, the seam along the torso, the tattoo hidden beneath the interior silk that best hint about what the wearer loves—or pursues.

Everything is hand-cut and hand-sewn in studio over 70 hours of work.

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Made to Measure is a chance to capture one of the styles that Yarborough reaches for time and again in her own life—tailored perfectly for those whose busy lives prohibit them from the time requirement of multiple fitting appointments and deep-dive style selections.


Made-to-measure pieces are made quicker than a bespoke piece, requiring the client only to select a favorite style, complete one fitting, and choose personal touches from our treasure trove of metals, linings and embroideries located on-site at the shop. 

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The Debut Men’s Ready-to-Wear collection features our favorite, most iconic designs from over the years in some of our new proprietary leathers from Italy.


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