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Rubber Lug Sole Addition

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To beef up your Mansfield Boots, we have partnered with Unsung Cobblers in Nashville, Tennessee for thick Vibram Sole program. These soles will be added to the bottom of your leather heels and soles, increasing the overall height by 1/2". This creates a winter-worthy tread that will carry you through the toughest of terrains, and slipperiest of sidewalks. 

Timing: 10 days

Behind The Process

There’s not one part of our process that doesn’t have the Savas stamp of attention to detail.

This spans everything we do in our construction (material, fit, style, function). And these are our cornerstones, our guiding lights. Our diligence in these domains make our quality what it is and the experience of our pieces one of art and of technical mastery.

Evolution and inspiration are the currents that run through our construction, with a bold base of quality over everything.

Material is our leather, common-sense sustainably sourced, the quality of our hides, the way we stretch our leather, how we process it. The way we’re constantly innovating. Discovering new dyes and ways to stretch ourselves and our artistry.

Fit is never compromising or cutting corners.

Style is how we create pieces that seem defy eras and age to become an extension of you that remains yours for life. 

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