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The Duster: Cheetah        (PRE-ORDER)

Please note this is a Pre-Order Downpayment for 50%. Upon purchasing, a reduced payment will be required, and you will be put to the top of the list for delivery.  This downpayment is 50%, and the balance of $2900 will be due prior to shipping. There won't be many of these, and we promise you're going to love it. 



Designed for everyday wear, this full length wrap duster coat is made of Cheetah printed hair calf.  This unique material gets better with age; over time the hair begins to fade and wear away, leaving the jacket with a unique disposition that cannot be replicated. If worn delicately, however, it will maintain its beautiful shine and pattern for decades. Featuring silk lining in a deep, jewel-tone, indigo shade, this duster features an embroidery panel that is reminiscent of peering through an art-deco stained glass doorway.



- Hair-on Calf leather exterior
- Silk Lining with embroidery
- Clean professionally by a leather expert 
- Timing: 10 weeks

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