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Bespoke Spotlight: An Alligator Heirloom

Bespoke Spotlight: An Alligator Heirloom - Savas
Bespoke Spotlight
Bespoke Alligator Jacket


On occasion, I wake up in a living moment and wonder how I got here. That happened recently while I was on the cutting room floor, playing Tetris with our cutter to determine the best moves to make.

The bespoke process leads us all on a journey - of creativity, trust and pleasure. This piece is all of those things in their purest form.

collage of jacket making process

For the past three-ish years, one of our clients stepped his toes in the water. First, a suede shirt jacket, next a shearling bomber jacket for the colder days in Colorado. He owns a wardrobe that is only black - the only non-variable in our equations together.

Discussions around an alligator jacket stewed, they circled, we let them lie and they us. Until the day we all decided it was time.

 Collage of jacket making process

Taking our original Icon design, we evaluated the fit to the nth degree, creating a canvas version, and then a leather version. When using such a rare material, we leave zero room for error or adjustment - this “second canvas” allowed our client to finalize each and every detail and stitch - making triple sure that it was just as he desired.

Exotic is an understatement when in comes to American Alligator. We work with only the best, a tannery local to Georgia, who works with the only farm to create the leathers for Hermès Birkin bags. Each year, there is an extremely limited supply, but they were able to pull some strings to get us just enough for this iconic jacket.


Over the course of two days, we mapped out each and every (47, to be exact) pattern piece - making sure to “mirror” both sides, to match the scales exactly, and plan out every single stitch. This step is imperative, and is what sets our work apart. It’s worth the difference for the wearer and the viewers around.


Jacket Detail Images
The following three days were spent sewing, embroidering a private totem for our client, and sculpting the jacket one piece at a time. I am pleased now to say, that this Icon is being worn on every opportunity; establishing its patina and character, now that it is in the hands of its rightful owner.


jacket and embroidery detail photos, sewing photo
Image of an olive suede Savas jacket draped on a chair.
Image of several canvas mockups of jackets displayed on a rack.
Image of Saffron Savas belt.

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