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Meet: The Woodmont Belt

Meet: The Woodmont Belt - Savas

Perfect takes time. Which is why this is our first belt ever.

For years we have dodged requests for belts. Maybe out of stubbornness, or out of a healthy respect that we wanted to get it just right.

See, we believe belts should be simple.

Simple is the hardest to master.

Belts are that almost-unnoticed detail that actually ties your whole look together. 

Meet: The Woodmont Belt

 This autumn, we’re launching our first belt collection with The Woodmont Belt. We cut our belts from the same hides as this season's footwear (stay tuned, coming soon!). Handcrafted in Italy, these one-of-a-kind pieces are…dare we say it…exquisite.

 From Carpe-diem to Classic



Several Woodmont belts in various materials.


They aren’t for the faint of heart, either. Saffron suede, champagne, black and cheetah print hair calf to start, followed by some insanely elegant, classic suedes in brown and black

In our usual way, we have figured out a way to make these unique, just for you. 

Those Details, Darlin’

We will be cutting these to order, and you select your buckle of choice. We opted for a special buckle, crafted in Italy, perfectly aged in muddled brass or darkened silver.

It’s an elegant, elongated oval buckle; so simple that it almost isn’t there. Next to it is the slider loop, to keep everything in place, tucked just underneath our signature Two Dot brass rivets. 

Yours awaits,


Image of an olive suede Savas jacket draped on a chair.
Image of several canvas mockups of jackets displayed on a rack.
Image of Saffron Savas belt.

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