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Born to Fly

Born to Fly - Savas
Born To Fly
The Emmett Bomber
The Bomber jacket has a long history.
A reputation, even.


It’s the epitome of classic.

It’s a tradition, an icon, for a reason. It’s steady, and sturdy. It’s slightly edgy. There’s also some “been there done that”, a jadedness, a belief that it’s all been done before. That there’s nothing new under the (leather) sun.

We believe the opposite. We believe in endless imaginations with deeply forged foundations of mastery and craft.

For those of you who know us and our aesthetic, you know that we play on classic.


The design process


The New Tradition

Traditions exist for good reasons. We just have to make them in our own way.

We’re die-hard about it, because we started so we could bring people something truly better. Savile-row level skills meet ongoing and evolving artistry better.


One medium. One million and more ways to work it.

 The gift of our ongoing devotion to leather is a singular and piercing depth. An intimacy and constancy. 

You are never really done. Evolution is always around the corner. Which brings us to our latest Savas creation…


Meet: The Emmett Bomber Jacket


Image of young Emmett playing



Emmett is named after a 10-year old that we know and love, who has a mind as open as the sky.

It’s our take on the A2 flight bombers, but cut with the edge of a modern-day suit. This is a jacket that represents strength, fascination and exploration; a real journey. An ever-changing destination.


Product Images of Embroidered Jackets


A Classic gets New Wings.


It features a high armhole, a beautiful triangular collar, and lower, rounded patch pockets for keeping all your goodies.

We took away the tired elastic waistband, and replaced it with a beautifully shaped leather panel, making this a streamlined and well-tailored fit.

The zipper stars at the front and we added an additional, functional sleeve gusset for a perfect place to show off your treasured vintage timepiece (don’t worry, our zippers are fully suede lined, so you never have to worry about a scratch).

Brown Bomber Jacket


Two Takes for the Flight-ready


Our first, suede in the shade of fine (albeit bad-habit) yellow tobacco, lined in an indigo blue, with a swallow embroidered in the chest. A special touch and sign: that you were made to fly. 

You can snag yours here.

The brown leather is our classic-classic. Super smooth, lightweight calfskin in an oaky brown, with the perfect amount of wax built in. The chest lining features a budding branch, embroidered by our chainstitchers. A subtle reminder to keep climbing. If classic's your type, this is the one for you. Discover it here.

These two gems are in our new ready-to-wear collection, waiting to find their perfect aim-for-the-sky dreamers and doers.

Sky’s the limit.

Savannah of Savas
Like No Other
Image of an olive suede Savas jacket draped on a chair.
Image of several canvas mockups of jackets displayed on a rack.
Image of Saffron Savas belt.

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