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Made-To-Measure Appointment
Since developing our Made-to-Measure program, we have perfected the fitting process to now allow us to fit you from a distance for the jacket you've been dreaming of. 
Our Made-to-Measure process can be done in person at our atelier, or through our At-Home Fitting Program.
For our At-Home clients, we will have a phone consultation to discuss the ins and outs of what you are looking for, the style options and material dreams. We will then send you two canvas options in the sizes closest to your fit, leather and lining swatches, and all the tools you will need to make at-home fit adjustments.  Once you receive your fitting package, you will have a video call with Savannah to do your remote fitting. 
After we finalize your fit, you will send the package back to us and we'll begin crafting the pattern for your unique piece(s). The purchase of a fitting will be credited towards the final cost of your jacket.