Frequently asked questions

What is the difference bespoke and Custom collection?

The Bespoke process is the pinnacle of all leather jackets. We sit down with each client in a design session, which usually lasts about two hours. This is where Savannah really gets to know each person, discussing their lifestyle, location, style and desires for their jacket. Savannah will then custom design and sketch a style for each client based on all of the details discussed, and a pattern will be specifically drafted from scratch, just for that client. Leather and other materials are sourced individually for each person, so that no two will be repeated. In order to perfect the fit, a canvas is made, and 2-3 additional fittings are usually required to make sure that it is exactly spot on and that you love all of the details.

The Custom Collection process is commonly known as “Made-to-Measure” in the tailoring industry. We have created a wide size range of Savannah’s favorite leather jacket styles from over the years. These are the tried and true, classic yet iconic pieces that really show the aesthetic of Savannah’s vision. This process is much more straightforward than the bespoke, and requires a few less decisions. You get to select the style that you prefer, and we will fit you in a canvas of your size, and discuss any fit changes and detail adjustments. You get to select your leather from our stock assortment, lining color, and embroidery to make it truly yours.

How long does the CustomCollection process take?

Our Custom Collection jackets are delivered within 5-7 weeks from the day of design meeting and first fitting.

How long does the bespoke process take?

Each of our bespoke garments is different. We require between 2-4 canvas fittings for each client to ensure the perfect fit of your leather garment. The biggest variation of time is coordinating these fit meetings. We aim to deliver each bespoke garment between 2-5 months. For clients who are able to meet in quick succession, we are able to deliver within 8 weeks.

what is the payment process?

For bespoke, we require a 50% downpayment at the design meeting. The remaining percentage is due upon delivery of your jacket.

For Custom Collection, we require a $1500 downpayment for each jacket. The remaining percentage is due upon delivery of your jacket.

What is the price for bespoke jackets?

Each bespoke jacket is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, each material has a different cost, whether it be an Italian calfskin, shearling, exotic or fur. The opening price is $5000.

What is the price for custom collection jackets?

The opening price for Custom Collections is $2500, and varies by style. Additions such as exotics, shearling and furs will be priced accordingly.

What is the “look” of a Savas leather jacket?

Savannah is trained as a menswear designer. She designs with the style of international classicism and timelessness, while focusing on the perfect fit for each body type. Function is paramount with each jacket that she designs. The lines of design are intentional, and meant to flatter you. You should wear your Savas jacket; it should not wear you.

Do you have examples of bespoke jackets in your showroom that i can see?

We have a large sample collection of bespoke jackets in our showroom. This is a wide range of very different styles, showing how far you can really go with the bespoke process. Each one is entirely different, and they sure are fun to try on!

What kind of leathers do you use?

We work with the highest quality leather tanneries in the US, Italy, and Australia. The majority of the leathers that we use are Italian calfskin, developed just for us to the highest quality standards. By special request, we will work with horsehide, kangaroo and other exotic leathers.

How do you start the bespoke process?

For each bespoke client, we start with a quick consultation call with Savannah. You will discuss yourself, the process, and any preliminary ideas that you have regarding your jacket. Most specifically you will discuss weight, function and color. We will then source a selection of 20-30 different leathers that will be appropriate for the jacket you desire, and Savannah will start to conceptualize the piece that will be designed for you. Following the consultation call, we will schedule your design meeting.

What is the return policy?

Since all of our garments are custom made, we do not have a return policy. We will happily make any alterations needed within 30 days of receiving your jacket. After 30 days, we will make alterations for a reasonable fee.

What if i damage my jacket?

We keep additional hides for each client as a backup. In case of any accidents, such as tearing, we will have the exact leather so that it can be repaired in the best way possible.

Do you have an alterations service for other leather jackets?

We do offer alterations on a case-by-case basis. Please email us with a description of what alterations are needed, and we will let you know what we can do for you! If we are too busy, we will recommend an experienced alterations specialist for you. Not every alteration facility is equipped to repair and adjust leather garments like we are. We would hate for your favorite old jacket to get messed up.