It all started when... Savannah Yarborough opened Savas in 2014. Her work is as equally influenced by her Southern native roots as by her formal British education. Think hot nights and whiskey on ice; the scruffy, decadent, pulsing electric energy of rock & roll. 

In the years prior, Yarborough refined her craft working as the senior menswear designer at Billy Reid, where she created the elegant tailoring, rich materials and subtle charm that earned the American label critical and popular acclaim. 

Her strength comes from this extensive training in menswear clothing, where fit and function are paramount. She has a mental and emotional connection to the material and an innate, visceral connection between her hands and her mind. The tips of her fingers coax raw matter into trappings fit for (rock) gods. 

Yarborough attended Central St. Martins, where she graduated in 2012 with First Class Honors in Fashion Design for Menswear.